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Full Call – Kevin Winkler

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Trent Mondini
1 month ago

Hi logan, idk if you’ll believe me but I started watching your vlogs the very first day you posted on YouTube. I would love you have a conversation with you!!!

Abhijot Singh
1 month ago

Hi logon, my name is abhi. I’m form India. But I Moved to the united States when I was 8. I been an fan since you were in your old apartment. Lol time really fly’s I mean can’t believe its been more that 5 years already. But yea I would love to have a call with you. I’m 15 btw and imp shy.

Dylan Bass
1 month ago

Logan really just hangs out with his fans/friends here on the Maverick Club. Just awesome.

21 days ago

They say he’s a horrible person but this just shows he’s an amazing person that respects the views of others and will do anything he can for his fans.

Mohamed Amakhir
12 days ago

Hey guys! I really need your help to be able to talk in a zoom call with Logan Paul. This single zoom cal could change my whole life for ever. Please help me by liking this post! Thank you to those who did it!,!,!,!!!!!!

Jesus Delgadillo
11 days ago

Logan I am a huge huge fan I really really hope I get a call from you soon I know it’s a lot of people and my chances are slim but I want to talk to you; you changed the way I see life