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Full Call – Leilani Olivares

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Costantino Georgiou
1 month ago

Hi Logan, I have been a member of the maverick club since it started, it would be a dream come true if I could win a prize or get a zoom call with you. You have been amazing Longan. You might not read this but if you do, please make my dream come true and allow me to zoom call you or win one of your prizes. Thank you Logan.

Christopher Gonzalez
1 month ago

Yoo logan, just became a member today, I was wondering if for my birthday we could have a zoom call if possible , my birthday is the 24th of this month and it’ll be the best birthday present to get with my idol. Bless up bro stay safe out there in LA

Romance Keyser
1 month ago

I got my heart broken and I wanna flex on my ex

26 days ago
Reply to  Romance Keyser

That’s as good a reason as any. 😂😂😂
Hope he calls with you, partner!

Matthew Hall
1 month ago

Hey Logan it would be perfect if I can get in a zoom call with you

Abhijot Singh
1 month ago

Hi logon, my name is abhi. I’m form India. But I Moved to the united States when I was 8. I been an fan since you were in your old apartment. Lol time really fly’s I mean can’t believe its been more that 5 years already. But yea I would love to have a call with you. I’m 15 btw and imp shy.

Celi Stucken
1 month ago

Who else here loves how Logan is so engaged and asking her questions? Very sweet and professional Logan! Love seeing another side of you!

zayed naji
1 month ago

hey logan how can i get into a call with you

Hamad Alghanim
1 month ago

hey logan how can i get into a call with you

Nick Walsh
1 month ago

I wanna hang out with you Logan🔥🔥

Franco Puquirre
1 month ago

So how do i get notified when im getting a zoom call from you??

Martavious Jackson
1 month ago

YO LOGAN!!!!my name Martavious Jackson lol fam I’ve literally been watching you since vines and seen you on criminal minds fam lol let’s do a zoom or ft family!!!

nati boost
1 month ago

What’s poppin Logan!! Hope all as well🎉🎉How do we get a zoom call with you🤣?

Elijah Armentor
1 month ago

So how we get on zoom calls ?!

Joshua Tape
1 month ago

Yo Logan my 21st is coming up in a few days and it would be awesome to get a zoom call with you. Love you bro!

Mohamed Amakhir
17 days ago

Hey guys! I really need your help to be able to talk in a zoom call with Logan Paul. This single zoom cal could change my whole life for ever. Please help me by liking this post! Thank you to those who did it!,!,!,!!!!!!

Alan Valencia
16 days ago

This is pretty cool didn’t know these are posted

Dominic Mattera
1 day ago

Shout out to you logan your the man I’ve been following you for a few years now and I truly look up to your motivation your drive etc. I don’t know how you do it your a legend I respect your redemption story with all that BS that you had to go through with the suicide forrest video. I truly respect you to the fullest keep your head up Lp bless you and yours 💯🙏🏼